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A feature-packed HRMS solution for any business looking for growth and affordability.

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Human resource management softwarePeople management software interface

Built for startups & expanding businesses

organised employee profiles

Organised employee profiles

Keep everything related to your employees organized under their profile. No more searching around for a specific document or piece of information!

made for employees & admins

Made for employees & admins

Our built-in self-service portal makes life easier for admins and employees. Easily keep information updated, manage time-off, activity tracking, calendar syncing, and much more.

better decision making

Better decision making

Simplified HR offers a plethora of report templates and insights like performance metrics, time-off, activity level, and company-specific data to aid smarter decision-making.

See why Simplified HR is the choice for creating personalized, infinitely scalable HR management experiences.

Full-Featured HRMS

A great HR experience starts here

Your business and employees deserve the best. Simplified HR integrates all your HR data, tools and functionality enabling you to identify issues and opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked…

People management and tracking platform

Our asset management and tracking platform helps track IT assets, inventory, equipment, and much more.

...and more coming soon!

Asset Tracking & Management

Calendar Syncing

Employee Self Service

Email Scheduling

Offboarding Management

Seat Booking System

Signature Maker

...and more coming soon!

People management and tracking platform

Our asset management and tracking platform helps track IT assets, inventory, equipment, and much more.


Sync your Google and Outlooks calendars with Simplified HR to get a unified overview of your day, week and monthly schedule.


Employees can request leave, manage their profile, see their activity, send requests and more, all within their self-service portal.


Create company or team wide email templates with dynamic data and schedule for a specific time and date.


Create checklists and assign tasks to specific team to ensure your offboardees have a seamless and smooth experience.


With our highly customize booking system you can create bookings for desks, meeting rooms, offices, and even for meals!


Create professional email signatures easily with premade templates and customization options to match your business.

Everything in one place

Keeping track of your employee’s data can be a daunting task. Simplified HR helps you organize important records, files and documents, allowing you to find and update information effortlessly.

Employees can also update their information from their self-service portal so your records are up to date and accurate.

visualize reports and analyze real-time employee data with Simplified HR
manage employee leaves and policies with Simplified HR

Leave tracking & policy management

Know who is taking time off and when. You can manage all leave requests under one screen and approve, reject, or suggest another date according to a team’s schedule.

Setting up leave policies doesn’t have to be painful! We’ve made templates for specific countries to simplify your experience.

Performance management system

Managing your talent is no easy task. With Simplified HR, ongoing performance reviews and setting goals is streamlined and painless.

Create custom assessments to gauge how well your team is performing, and set necessary OKRs or training sessions to develop knowledge and skills for each individual in your organization.

Everything in one place
Simplified HR has ticketing and request raising tool

Dynamic requests & ticketing system

Overflowing with requests? From procurement requests, printer problems, travel reimbursements, payroll issues and everything else?

Our full-featured requests system gives you the ability to manage all kinds of employee requests and solve issues without a hitch to keep your business running smoothly.

Reports & analytics

Knowing your numbers is key to smarter decisions. Our HRMS offers advanced insights, real-time data visualization, and customizable reports, enabling you to track key metrics, identify trends, and optimize your workforce and processes.

Drive strategic growth and enhance employee satisfaction with data-driven HR management.

track employee data at one place with Simplified HR

Did we also mention...

Built-in activity monitoring
+ time tracking app!

activity monitoring & time tracking app

Never have to worry about your team’s productivity or attendance!

With our built-in time tracking tool, you can keep track of your employee’s time spent on various tasks, manage billable hours for clients, access activity insights and more!

Available on macOS, Windows and Linux

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Why businesses choose Simplified HR?

Time saving & cost efficient

We’ve merged the best features into one platform so you can save money by avoiding multiple separate products and replace everything with just Simplified HR to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Greater flexibility & customization

Make HR look and work the way you want. We give you unparalleled control over the look of your platform with various theme options, domain settings, feature toggles and more. Don’t settle on one flavor!

Integrated experience

We help you organize your data, modernize your processes, and improve your employee engagement. Simplified HR is a modern platform that can adapt to an ever-changing global business climate.

Connect apps seamlessly

We’ve made it easy for you to connect popular platforms like Google, Microsoft, Postmark, Twilio and more! Customize and extend your workflow and make the most of everything that the we have to offer.

Simple & affordable pricing


Ideal for small teams with basic operations

  • Up to 5 users
  • 5 GB of organization storage
  • Limited features
$2 / user / month

A complete HRMS for businesses of all sizes

  • Unlimited users
  • 20 GB of organization storage
  • Access to all features

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! You can use the free tier as long as you want as it is based on feature limitations not time.
Yes! Our web app is fully mobile compatible.
We’re set up following all of the latest guidelines and best practices for cloud security. Nothing is perfect, but security is important to us and a major focus.
The same as the web app! This also helps it be more platform agnostic.
You can access them any time you want, however purchasing the paid tier of one product does not give you another’s paid tier.
That depends on the platform. Simplified has some data import options, but we can’t guarantee they work directly with your current platform without some know-how. Simplified HR is meant for new and growing companies, and is not directly designed with migration from another platform in mind. Check out our documentation here to learn more about migration.
Not currently, but we have plans for an ATS product. Stay tuned!

See how Simplified HR can work for your team

Facing issues with your HR processes or software? Give our HRMS a go and see what it can do for your business!

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